Kfar Nahum – 6.6 km
National Park Kfar Nahum overlooks the enchanting views of the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
You will find springs and nature sites, Biblical hill and the remains of a Jewish village from the time of the Second Temple, as well as an ancient synagogue and churches, places to visit for Christians from all over the world.

St. Peter's Church – 6.3 km
Octagonal church from the 5th century, built around the sacred structure from the first century. This structure was declared by the Christians tradition as the home of Saint Peter.
In 1990's the Franciscans build a new church above the remains.    

Church of Mt. Beatitudes – 5.8 km
The church is located on a small hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the traditional "mount" on which Jesus has delivered the Sermon on the Mount. The church was designed by the architect Antonio Barluzzi..

Hammat Tiberias – 8.8 km
The Hamat Tiberias National Park displays one of the most spectacular mosaics of the ancient synagogues in the Land of Israel. The hot springs of Hamat Tiberias and the 18th-century Turkish Hamam structure both are remarkably preserved.

Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve - 3.2 km
The cliffs, the view point of the landscape and the rare vegetation. The Arbel cliff, which is above the Sea of Galilee, overlooks the Golan and the Hermon mt. The complex also includes Mount Nitai, Mount Savyon, Karnei Hittin and Ramat Arbel, as well as the remains of an ancient settlement and the remains of a magnificent synagogue as well as hiking trails leading to a fortress with natural caves.

Agamon Hula – 30.63
Agamon Hula is located in the heart of the Hula Valley and is considered one of the most important bird-watching sites in the world. In each season of migration, autumn and spring, more than half a billion migratory birds pass by.

Rosh Pina – 14.5 km
The first of the Galilee colonies, located on the slope of Mount Canaan.
The history of the colony is intertwined with the history of the Jewish settlement and in the Galilee in particular.

Korazim National park – 8.8 km  
Preserving the impressive remains of a Jewish village from the Mishnah and Talmud period, including the remains of a magnificent synagogue.
The ancient landscapes, the observation point on the Sea of Galilee and the name of the place, "Korazim", in the New Testament attract many Christian